Ixnay on the muscly dudes

What is the first thing you think of when you see Jonny?

Women getting into formation. Oprah for President. Unicorns wearing diamond crowns. Wait, independent-women unicorns wearing diamond crowns. Orgasms, absolutely everywhere, acting like they own the joint. You get what Jonny is putting down?

Sure, Jonny might not glow in the dark, offer promises of riding bareback in studs or jacked physiques standing in suspiciously turquoise water. But what Jonny lacks in fantasy, Jonny makes up with cheering the real star of the show – you.

So, to heck with self-consciousness. Be good to thy self, be good to mother nature, to others and for goodness sake, enjoy yourself. All the while knowing that with each party purchase, your contributing to an incredible cause via i=Change.

Pretty neat for your new go-to condom, hey?


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Unabashedly nude,