Are you wearing me or I wearing you?

Is it a man’s job to buy condoms?

Having a bit of a bedside manner doesn’t hurt. You know, act like your mama taught you and all that. But manners vs ‘responsibility’? Now, that’s a doozy. Would you want your sexual protection reliant on politeness or a another human being? A hooman you might have only known for three hours? Nein, danke.

And what makes it a man’s job? Both men and women ‘wear’ condoms. It’s a dual experience between two (or more) lovemaking mediums. Singling out a gender only disrespects the other and diminishes sexual protection.

Jonny believe in unity. It’s not about who should or shouldn’t but lets’ do it together. Put simply, Jonny is for everyone.

It takes three to tango but it shouldn’t matter who invites Jonny.

Share with bedmates, friends and all those in between.

Unabashedly nude,