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What is a vegan-friendly condom?

To make latex smooth, most condoms contain casein, which is derived from milk. Jonny condoms do not contain animal derivatives or toxins. Jonny condoms are made from natural latex, originating from the rubber plant.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Jonny condoms are packaged in recyclable boxes, shipped in recycled and recyclable mailer bags, using eco-friendly tissue paper that is 100% circular and can be composted or recycled after use. Our eco-friendly disposal bags are made from 100% ocean-bound plastic. By law, all condoms must be wrapped in foil, which is not biodegradable.

What does double washing mean?

Double-washing during condom manufacturing helps to reduce the rubbery smell normally associated with condoms.

What size are Jonny condoms?

Jonny condoms are sized to fit with a 53mm diameter and ultra-thin thickness of .65 microns. This provides an optimum feel without compromising strength and safety.

How does latex differ to non-latex?

Latex is made from rubber sourced from rubber plants. Jonny is a non-medicated natural rubber latex condom. Non-latex is made from polyurethane, which is a plastic often found in paints and varnishes. For those with latex allergies, non-latex is the preferred alternative.

Are Jonny condoms lubricated? 

Jonny condoms are lubricated and palm oil free. For extra lubrication, use only water-based/non-oil based lubricants. Oil lubricants (including Coconut Oil) can break down latex condoms, which may cause them to break and lead to an increased risk of STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

What ingredients are in Jonny Condoms?

Natural rubber latex, corn starch for dusting, silicone oil for lubricating. Jonny does not contain casein or palm oil and does not use nitrosamines in production. Jonny does not use benzocaine - a numbing agent found in lubricants or spermicides. Jonny condoms are free from parabens, glycerin, petrochemicals, flavours and fragrances.

Are Jonny condoms safe?

Safety and efficacy are the cornerstones of Jonny. Jonny condoms have been tested rigorously, and comply with all Australian and international standards and testing to ensure maximum safety. When used correctly, condoms offer highly reliable protection against pregnancy and STIs, but no contraceptive can offer 100% guaranteed protection against pregnancy, HIV and/or infectious diseases.

What are eco-disposal bags?

Jonny condoms come with discreet, disposable bags as an eco-alternative to flushing.

We encourage environmentally conscious living – from recycling plastics to using a reusable coffee cup, to environmentally safe sex. By pairing each Jonny condom with an eco disposal bag, we aim to change behaviour and perceptions around how personal items are disposed of.  

The disposable bag is made from 100% ocean-bound plastic


Can I change my subscription?

As a subscriber, you will receive a notification three days before your next delivery is due to ship. At this stage, you have the option to pause or reschedule your delivery, or cancel your subscription. If you change your mind, email (


How is Jonny delivered?

Jonny is sent in non-branded, recycled, and recyclable mailer bags or boxes. Each box is sealed with a Jonny sticker; if you would prefer no branding at all, simply note this when you check out.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Shipping times may vary according to the time and day your order is placed, as well as which shipping option is chosen. All orders are sent from Melbourne. The following information is a guide only.

  • Tracked Post is sent via Australia Post and you will receive a tracking number for your order.  Depending on where you live, your order will take 2-5 days for delivery, except in WA, which may take up to 7 days. 
  • Alternatively, you can choose Express Post when checking out: within 1-2 days in most areas. 
  • International Shipping: A minimum order of $15.00AUD opens up global shipping, with an estimated postage cost of $20.00 for any order. 
  • New Zealand - Orders $70.00 and up receive free standard shipping. 


Want to talk to Jonny?

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