(Frequently Unanswered Questions)

What does vegan-friendly mean?

To make latex smooth, most condoms contain casein, which is derived from milk. Jonny, however, steers clear of all animal derivatives and nasty toxins. Ever heard of vegan sex? Well, you have now.

How is Jonny eco-conscious?

Eco-conscious means to be as environmentally conscious as possible - to live and act in ways that honour, love and preserve what our mama gave us. Jonny's walks with an eco-footprint in the below ways:

- Jonny is made from natural latex, originating from the rubber plant, which does breakdown over time, compared to the non-latex versions that don't break down.

- Jonny is packaged in PEFC certified boxes

- Jonny mailer bags are recycled

- Each condom comes with a FabLIttleBag for planet-friendly disposal

** Jonny's foil wrapper is an element of our packaging that can't be avoided; by law, all condoms must be wrapped in foil, which is not biodegradable **

OK so this might sound weird, but what do Jonny condoms smell like?

Throughout the manufacturing process, Jonny is washed and then washed again. Double-washing helps to reduce the rubbery smells normally associated with condoms. Have a sniff – you’ll note Jonny smells great (not ‘oo, my Tinder date is wearing Comme des Garcons 2’ great, but great in its own ‘I didn’t expect this from a condom’ way – ya know?)

What size is Jonny? How thick are they?

Jonny fits most. Specs-wise, Jonny rocks a 53mm diameter and is ultra-thin at .65 microns for optimum feel without compromising strength and safety.

How does latex differ to non-latex?

Latex is made from rubber sourced from rubber plants. Jonny is a non-medicated natural rubber latex condom.

Non-latex is made from polyurethane, which is a plastic often found in paints and varnishes. For those with latex allergies, non-latex is the preferred alternative.

Are Jonny condoms lubricated? Do I need more lubricant?

Yes indeed, Jonny is lubricated (& palm oil free). For extra lubrication, use only water-based/non-oil based lubricants, like Bonk Lube (available in our store!). And remember, Jonny does not contain any spermicides or parabens.

What is, and isn't, inside Jonny?

Jonny likes to stay as natural as possible.  It is better for our bodies, and better for nature.

Therefore there are only a small number of special ingredients that help keep Jonny performing at its best while being safe for our bodies and complying with the strict International medical & manufacturing standards.  These ingredients are natural rubber latex, corn starch for dusting, silicone oil for lubricating.

- Jonny does not contain casein, derived from milk and used for lubrication.

- Jonny does not contain palm oil, found in some lubricants.

- Jonny does not use nitrosamines in production.

- Jonny does not use benzocaine - a numbing agent found in lubricants.

- Jonny does not contain spermicides.

- Jonny is free from parabens, glycerin, petrochemicals, flavours and fragrances.


Is Jonny safe?

Safety and efficacy are the cornerstones of Jonny. Jonny condoms have been tested rigorously, and comply with all Australian and international standards and testing to ensure maximum safety. When used correctly, condoms offer highly reliable protection against pregnancy and STIs, but no contraceptive can offer 100% guaranteed protection against pregnancy, HIV and/or infectious diseases.

Jonny does not use or contain any spermicides or parabens.

What does ‘It takes 3 to Tango’ mean?

Once upon a time, it took two to tango. But these days when it comes to mutually respectful sex, condoms are essential. So when you kick off those pants and things are heading in an exciting, consensual direction, be sure to invite Jonny to the big dance.

What’s a FabLIttleBag and how is it eco-friendly?

FabLittleBag is partly made from sustainable materials and is 100% biodegradable. The bag will take only 12 months to completely degrade in the landfill.  

Most condoms – and tampons while we’re at it! – are flushed down the toilet, which is having a devastating effect on marine life and waterways. Jonny encourages environmentally conscious living – from recycling your plastics to using a reusable coffee cup, to environmentally safe sex. By pairing each Jonny condom with a biodegradable disposal bag, Jonny aims to change behaviour and perceptions around how personal items are disposed of.  

Can I change my subscription?

Yes! As a subscriber, you will receive a notification three days before your next delivery is due to ship.  At this stage, you have the option to pause or reschedule your delivery, or (sniff sniff) cancel your subscription.  if you change your mind, flick Jonny a cheeky email (begood@jonny.com.au) and you’ll be reunited in no time.

How is Jonny delivered? I don’t want my mum/dad/boss/nosey next-door neighbour to see…

Jonny is sent in non-branded, recycled, recyclable & biodegradable padded mailer bags or boxes. Each box is sealed with a Jonny sticker; if you would prefer no branding at all, simply note this when you check out and Jonny will arrive incognito.

How long will it take for Jonny to arrive?

This can vary according to the time and day your order is placed, as well as which shipping option is chosen. All orders are sent from Melbourne. The following information is a guide only.

  • Tracked Post is sent via Australia Post and you will receive a tracking number for your order.  Depending on where you live, your order will take 2-5 days for delivery, except in WA, which may take up to 7 days.  Please not during these crazy 'covid' days, shipping can be delayed at various times.

  • Alternatively, you can choose Express Post when checking out and then Jonny will arrive quick smart - within 1-2 days in most areas - COVID permitting ;)


I want Jonny but I don't live Down Under - what do I do?

Jonny is expanding, rapidly.  So exciting!

Right now our New Zealand cousins are able to buy Jonny online safe in the knowledge that your orders are being delivered direct from New Zealand - so local postage costs only folks.  Remember though that all pricing is shown in AUD - but you will be charged in NZD.  All pricing is GST inclusive too.

International Jonny fans! Jonny now travels to most countries around the world. A minimum order of $15.00AUD opens up global shipping with a postage cost of $15.00 for any order.  Email begood@jonny.com.au if you have any problems.

Do you keep my information private?

Absolutely, 100 percent. See our privacy policy for more details.

Your details are shared only with the likes of Australia Post, to ensure Jonny arrives on time.  

How do we get in touch?

We love to hear from Jonny lovers, movers and shakers.

Reach out at begood@jonny.com.au or DM us @choose_jonny