condoms, naturally.

be good.

The origin of the term ‘Jonny’ dates back to 17th century Britain, when people started referring to condom packages as “Johnny Mills”, in honour of John Milles, who ran an apothecary shop in London and sold condoms. One of the first to sell condoms commercially, his family name eventually became associated with the product itself. As time passed, the phrase ‘John Milles’ evolved into its current form, ‘Johnnies’. This term is still used today as a colloquialism for condoms.

on our nightstand.

White safety helmet, symbolising protection and safety, like a condom, reflecting Jonny's commitment to safe sex practices.

safety first.

Condoms are about safety, first and foremost. When used correctly, condoms offer reliable protection against pregnancy and STIs. So play it safe. 

Jonny personal lubricant drop suspended from a dispenser, showcasing the product's viscosity and purity.

control is sexy.

You’re in control of your body. Sex is all about respect.

Sleek Jonny lubricant applicator with an elegant design displayed against a white backdrop.

pleasure is necessary.

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Jonny condom peeks from a chic black quilted handbag, symbolizing discreet portability and style.

everything ends.

Be done with Jonny with our eco-friendly bags for discreet and easy disposal.

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