Condom Subscriptions

Would you like non-branded with that?

Discrete and dashing, Jonny’s subscription service is the milkman who delivers when you decide – but leaves the collection with you and a sustainable FabLittleBag.
Now is the time to ask for what you want. Great sex, safe sex, regular sex – all the sex. Better to have and not need than need and not have, hence signing up for a sizeable swag of Jonnies. Throw a few in your bag, a few next to the bed, a few in your back-up stash and a couple more in your back-up back-up stash.

The Get Lucky Club

Sign up to regular 4 week or 8 week deliveries of the Lover’s Dozen or the Weekender and you’ll find Jonny in your mailbox faster than you could say in the words of Marvin Gaye – let’s get it on.

Not only do you save 15% when you subscribe, $1 from each online order will donated to i=Change. You can do good as you do ‘it’.

Looking for something casual? Or would you prefer reliable and steady? Jonny knows every relationship is different. That’s why subscriptions are flexible. Sign up for regular deliveries, and choose when or how often. It’s free to join and you can change your subscription at anytime.

Condom Delivery

Just as Jonny shouts ‘sex is awesome’ from the mountaintops, Jonny understands you might prefer to keep those private things...well, private.

Choose from a non branded delivery, for those in stealth mode and or Express Post, if you just can’t wait. And if you spend over $65, your delivery is freeee.

In the words of a spiritual high priestess (Madonna?): ask and you shall receive.
Unabashedly nude,