you got that awkward sex-ual, feeling

What’s the first feeling or thought that comes to mind when having to buy condoms?

Let’s take a wild guess: it’s the first or last thing on your mind but not any less awkward. It involves mates coming to the rescue, a small panic attack under the flickering lights of a 7-eleven and a million other distractions. All taking away from that loving feeling.

What if buying condoms made you feel empowered instead of embarrassed? Evoked the ‘your body your choice’ intention and shared a collective pride for doing so? Here at Jonny, we’re on a mission to change conversation, and ply you with neat tools to keep your sex life safe while we’re at it.

Because sex is awesome – when respect, choice and equality are at its core.

Share with bedmates, friends and all those in between.
Unabashedly nude,