We debunk the most common condom myths you’ve ever heard.

We debunk the most common condom myths you’ve ever heard.

At Jonny, we love condoms: when used correctly, they’re an effective tool in preventing STDs and pregnancy, and they’re incredible for both engaging in safe sex and for overall sexual health.

However, despite their widespread use, popularity and effectiveness, there are still a lot of myths about condoms and how to properly use them. So, we’re here to debunk some of these common myths for your reading (and sexual) pleasure.

Condom myth #1: Only people with penises wear condoms.

Truth: Despite popular belief, there are actually two types of condoms, which are designed for penises and vagins respectively: external (male) condoms and internal (female) condoms. Male condoms are made to slip over the penis, whereas female condoms are designed to be inserted into the vagina. Mind = blown, right? Condoms can (and should) also be used for penises of the sex toy kind (refer to condom myth #6 for this one).

Condom myth #2: Condoms aren’t effective against STDs or pregnancy.

Truth: Although condoms will never be 100% effective 100% of the time, they are the best form of protection against the transmission of STDs (aside from abstaining from sexual intercourse altogether). Condoms also significantly reduce the chances of getting pregnant - they’re 98% effective in preventing pregnancy and are even more effective when used with other contraceptives.

Condom myth #3: Sex doesn’t feel good with a condom.

Truth: You can still feel pleasure with a condom. Condoms are designed to protect against STDs and to prevent pregnancy, not to inhibit pleasure - in fact, they can even help you last longer as they reduce hypersensitivity. A lot of male condoms are also thin in their design (like Jonny’s smooth, thin and strong vegan condoms), so consider this myth debunked.

Condom myth #4: I don’t need to use lube if I’m using a condom.

Truth: Although condoms can come pre-lubricated (like Jonny's'), lubricant usage is entirely dependent on the person. If you do need some slippery help, we’d recommend more eco-friendly, natural lubricants like Lucy Lube and Bonk Lube that are more delicate on your privates without sacrificing on quality.

Condom myth #5: Two condoms are more effective than one.

Truth: Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but using two condoms - whether this is a male and female condom or two male condoms - is not a fab idea. Doubling up (aka, double bagging) when engaging in sexual acts can increase friction, which essentially means they are more likely to rip or tear.

Condom myth #6: I only need to use a condom for vaginal sex.

Truth: Condoms should be used for all forms of penetrative sex and are not just for vaginal sex but for anal sex and oral sex, too. Although it is not possible to get pregnant from anal or oral sex, it is very possible to spread STDs, especially when a condom is not used. It is also recommended that one is used when using sex toys. Better to be safe than sorry, friends!

Condom myth #7: I can wear the same condom more than once.

Truth: You should not wear the same condom more than once. First of all, it’s riskier. Second of all, it’s a little gross. Reusing the same condom can increase its chances of falling off, ripping or breaking. Our advice: use once and thoughtfully discard. If you’re using Jonny, pop your used condom into the cute little accompanying bag for discrete and easy disposal.

Condom myth #8: Flushing used condoms is the best way to dispose of them.

Truth: Condoms are a single-use item, which (by default) means that they’re not the most environmentally-friendly product. In fact, the majority of them are either sent to landfill or are flushed down the toilet where they have devastating effects on our marine life. Not to toot our own horn, but Jonny’s vegan-friendly condoms can help here - we provide a little bag with every condom not only for discrete disposal, but also to keep them out of our waterways.

Condom myth #9: I can leave a condom in my wallet or car for years and it’ll be fine for use.

Truth: Temperature, humidity, moisture and storage conditions can reduce a male condoms’ shelf life (which is typically 3-5 years), so properly storing them is key to their effectiveness. Keep them in a cool, dark place, and don’t leave them near or exposed to a heat source (including heaters and sunshine). Also, wallets cause friction and can ultimately break the condom if left in there too long, and if not properly stored, the lubrication can dry out. That won’t be a fun time for anyone. Don’t worry, we’ve got you and your storage etiquette covered. 

Condom myth #10: If someone carries condoms, it means they’re easy.

Truth: If someone carries condoms, it means they’re impressively prepared, they’re downright awesome and they have respect for safe sex and overall sexual health. They should also not be shamed; in fact, we believe these people are incredibly sexual desirable. TMII? TMI. Essentially, the person who carries a condom around is prepared and values safe sex, as well as their own sexual health, over other people’s opinions. If Zac Efron carries a condom on his person, we can too.

Condom myth #11: Natural, vegan-friendly condoms aren’t as effective as conventional condoms.

Truth: Natural, vegan-friendly condoms are just as effective as conventional condoms. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have made a business out of them! Jonny’s cruelty-free condoms are made from natural rubber latex, and have been rigorously tested (if you get our drift) to ensure their effectiveness, and comply with strict international medical and manufacturing standards.

Yes, myths about condoms are v entertaining to hear about, but they can also be potentially harmful to sexually active people who are not fully across condom effectiveness and etiquette. If you think we’ve missed a big condom myth, let us know. Otherwise, consider these condom myths debunked!