Everything you need to know about natural, vegan condoms.

Everything you need to know about natural, vegan condoms.

Mean Girls. Beyonce’s I Am… Sasha Fierce album. Billie Eilish. The 2000’s have blessed us with many a wonderous thing. You can bet your best pair of vintage Levi’s that one other thing we’re v grateful for in these climate change and pandemic-filled times is a wider variety of vegan alternatives, including natural, vegan condoms.

Wait, so condoms aren’t vegan?

Nope, not all condoms are vegan. We were shocked when we first found out, too. Lucky for us, condoms are no longer solely made out of sheep intestines (we wish we were joking), though conventional condoms do still make use of an animal byproduct. 

Most conventionally-made condoms contain casein, a prominent milk protein, in order to make the latex smooth. It’d be interesting to find out how this was first discovered, but alas, that’s a story for another time.

What is a vegan condom?

Just like any other vegan products, a vegan condom is a condom that does not make use of any animal products whatsoever. No casein, no lamb intestines, just plain old non-animal derived materials. Take Jonny’s vegan condoms, for example: they’re made from a non-medicated natural rubber latex, corn starch for the dusting, and silicone oil for the lubricating.

What is a natural condom?

Conventional condoms are usually made from latex, a stretchy material derived from rubber, or polyurethane, a plastic found in paints and varnishes. These condoms can be a little harsh on the delicates - ever heard of (or had) a latex allergy? Sooo not a good time.

A natural condom, on the other hand, is essentially a condom that is made from and contains more natural materials. Jonny’s condoms are made from natural latex; do not contain any palm oil, spermicides or benzocaine (a numbing agent found in lubricants); are not produced with nitrosamines; and are free from parabens, glycerin, petrochemicals, flavours, fragrances and, of course, animal byproducts.

And yes, before you ask, natural, vegan condoms are still as effective as conventional condoms. Jonny’s vegan condoms will still do all of the things your usual condom will, they’re just a lot better for the planet (and your precious parts).

Jonny’s condoms also comply with all Australian and international standards and testing to ensure maximum safety, and when used correctly, offer highly reliable protection against pregnancy and STIs (just as conventional condoms do). In saying this, it is worth noting that no contraceptive offers 100% guaranteed protection against pregnancy, HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Are natural, vegan condoms better for the environment?

As you’ll probably already know from personal experience, most condoms are flushed down the toilet. However, what you may not know is that condoms - not even the natural latex ones - do not break down in water, and this is having horrible effects on our waterways and their marine life.

Natural, vegan condoms can be more environmentally-friendly than conventionally-made condoms, and Jonny has made sure theirs are as eco-friendly as possible. Every Jonny vegan condom comes with a fab little biodegradable bag for you to consciously dispose of your condom in without harming the environment.

Condoms take a long ass time to break down, though with the help of their natural latex composition and the disposable bags, Jonny will not end up in our waterways like most condoms, which will help to reduce the damage we cause to our waterways and beautiful marine life.

You know the saying: be a lover not a flusher.

Where can I buy natural, vegan condoms?

Shameless plug time. You can get your hands (and other things) on natural, vegan condoms right here on the Jonny website. It must be fate!

Jonny has everything you need to practice safe(r for the environment and for you) sex, including natural condoms, lube and other cool goodies. Jonny even offers a super convenient subscription service, so they’ve got your back - and, ahem, your front - when you need it most.

Oh, and don’t forget: Jonny’s natural condoms have been rigorously tried and tested to ensure their quality and effectiveness. *insert wink face here*


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