Handle With Care


Gone are the days of stuffing condoms in your wallet, leaving them there for months (years?!) and hoping for the best when it’s finally showtime. Condom care is a thing. Make it your thing.
What temps are we talking?
Like a tourist in the tropics, Jonny likes a cool, dry and comfortable place to chill. Store Jonny at room temperature or below. And it goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway because it’s very important) that Jonny must be kept away from anything that could jab, puncture, leak onto or mess with Jonny in any way. Think of Jonny as deathly allergic to sharp objects, chemicals and direct sunlight. 

So, what about my wallet?
Forget everything you know about keeping condoms in your wallet, purse or pocket long-term. It’s a no-no. If you’re carrying Jonny in any of these places, make sure it’s only for a few hours. The constant shuffling and friction of being stored in a tight spot can result in wear and tear that makes a condom more prone to breaking. 
The car’s OK though, right?
Wrong. Cars get crazy hot, and if you cast your minds back to two paragraphs ago, you’ll remember Jonny likes to keep cool. Never store condoms above 40°C (104°F) or below freezing temps, and keep them away from moisture and humidity. 
Jonny has one life, and it's tied to an expiry date. Always make sure Jonny is not out of date before using. 

So, all this talk of condoms is making you want to stock up on condoms, right? We get that a lot. Pick up your favourite packs here.