You live, you learn, you upgrade. July Astrology with Various Friends.

You live, you learn, you upgrade. July Astrology with Various Friends.

The month of July will have you clicking those shiny new shoes you purchased at the end of financial year sales and say ”there's no place like home, there's no place like home”

With Cancer season, Eclipse season, Mercury retrograde and Leo season all washing upon us during July, no wonder you may feel like cancelling the whole month and retreating back into your warm and cosy shells.

Just like the crab knows when she has outgrown her current home, this month will shed light on the people and situations that no longer have a place in your story. July is asking you to return to whatever or whoever makes you feel at home. It's a time to nurture yourself on the deepest level.

Throw a dinner party and reach out to old friends and those family members, you have lost contact with. Nourishing your relationship with yourself from the inside out. This includes healing any past hurts from loved ones. Those that are the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn may have this thrust upon you without any notice due to the Solar Eclipse on the 3rd of July and the Lunar eclipse on the 17th of July, but really it’s a story within your family dynamics that has been playing out since the year 2000. Eclipses have a funny way of accelerating things that are already there in a somewhat dramatic way.

So if you think it’s a good idea to invite that old flame over for dinner just remember anything that comes to the surface is for healing. Mercury retrograde from the 7th - 31st will make sure of that. The planet of communication when it goes retrogrades in a watery sign like Cancer will be feeling all the feels and communicating none. Expect some awkward silences and moodiness around those you love. This is not a time to text those feelings it’s a time to meet up and express those feelings on a one to one basis. Nothing is as it seems this month especially a misconstrued text.

Feeling like giving up? Hang in there. Mercury retrograde is really an amazing time to review anything in your life. It’s time to review how well you can communicate your feelings. This is a great opportunity to get out of your head and into your heart. Stop thinking about how things should be and be grateful for how they are.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on the 17th is asking you to find the balance between work and play. 

Attached? Are you or your partner missing out on family time because you work so much? Alternatively, are you running the family like six-figure business and missing out on the little things? What are the necessities in your relationship? Are the daily chores being shared? Who is not pulling their weight? These family themes will be under the spotlight during this Lunar Eclipse.

Single? If your looking for that ultimate provider the one in the suit that ticks all the boxes that you can set up happy families with, make sure they aren’t actually a workaholic who in the end won’t have time for the family. However, if they do cook you a nice home cooked meal and clean the dishes after, your onto a winner there this month.

This is well and truly the month to prepare you for the upgrade that’s coming in your life. What have you learnt, what’s not working and what can you do to move forward. The fire of Leo season from the 22nd will give you the opportunity to shine in your new found glory... without all the baggage.
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