Wrapped and Ready To Glow

Summer glow comes in many forms: shimmery bronzer, chilled rosè, cold brew, hot sex – they each have a way of lending a little sparkle to your complexion, a little pep to your step. So treat yourself this sunny season, stock up on the things that make you feel good. Jonny suggests kicking things off with these summer-lovin' all-stars:




  1. Shiny Things Kit, Frank Body
  2. Transformazing Sheet Mask, Go-To
  3. Glow Inner Beauty Powder, The Beauty Chef
  4. Liquid Light in Quartz, Mecca Max
  5. Skin Glowing Kit, Sand & Sky
  6. Reuseable Safety Razor in Rose Gold, Kappi
  7. Self Tan Kit, Elle Effect
  8. Beach Beauty Body Oil, Luma Beauty
  9. Queen Screen SPF50+, Ultra Violette
  10. Nail Polish in Tutu, Kester Black




      And so begins the season of sunny days, balmy nights and an increased appetite for fun and shenanigans. Jonny’s swag of summer-centric treats by some of Jonny’s best-loved brands is the ultimate look and feel your best at all times list, designed to have you wrapped and ready to glow.

      ** Disclaimer: Stocking up on your summer stash of vegan Jonny condoms goes without saying, although we are saying it. Sex = ultimate summer glow!


      Unabashedly nude,