Should you use condoms with sex toys?

Should you use condoms with sex toys?

Here at Jonny HQ, we think sex toys are one of the best things since sliced bread (apart, of course, from natural vegan condoms). Sex toys can be mentally, physically and emotionally beneficial, are the perfect tool for connection, and can vastly improve the sexual experiences you have with your partner/s or with yourself. Win/win/win.

However, despite the many upsides to sex toy use, there are a few potential downsides - when appropriate care is not taken, sex toys can spread sexually transmitted diseases. With this in mind, make sure you use condoms with your sex toys in order to keep your safe sex game strong, whether you’re playing with a friend or by yourself, you’re in a nine-year relationship or are enjoying some sweet, sweaty, super casual sex, or you’re experimenting with vaginal, anal or oral sex.

Should I really use a condom with sex toys?

Yes, you really should. We all know that abstaining from sex altogether is the only way to be 100% protected against sexually transmitted diseases (and unwanted pregnancies). However, if you are sexually active, using a condom every time you have sex - whether this involves sex toys or not - is one of the most effective ways to practice safe sex. This isn’t exclusive to heterosexual couples, either; everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, should be protecting themselves and others when playing around.

What sex toys should I use condoms with?

Strap ons, dildos, rabbit vibrators, and prostate massagers are some of the more obvious ones, though you should use protection with any toys that can be fitted with an external condom without the risk of slippage or breakage. Also, when used correctly, internal condoms are 95% effective and can protect against both STDs. If you have no external condoms on hand, consider using an internal  condom when enjoying some toy pleasure.

Why should I use condoms with sex toys?

You should use condoms with sex toys for a multitude of different reasons. Firstly, toys can harbour the same STDs that genitals do, so using a condom when playing with yours should not just be a precaution but a necessary part of any sex toy play. Safe sex aside, using a condom with your toy essentially makes for easier cleaning for us time poor humans. There is also research suggesting that toxins can leach from cheap sex toys, so using condoms during toy play can help create a barrier in this regard.

Wait, even if I’m in a long-term relationship?

Yep, we recommend using condoms with sex toys even if you have been in a long-term relationship with your current partner or partners. This isn’t an “I don’t trust you” thing. This is a “I value my safety” thing, and using protection with your toys takes your safe sex game up about three levels.

Consider what your sex toys are made from.

When using condoms with your sex toys, make sure you consider what the toy is made from before using a lubricant or pre-lubricated condom. Certain lubricants can deteriorate or damage toys made from certain materials and can also void any warranties attached to your toys.

Silicone-based lubricants should not be used with silicone sex toys - especially those made with lower quality materials - as they can break down the rubber over time. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for silicone-based lubricants - toys made from other materials including hard plastic, glass and steel, can work with this lube.

Water-based lubes are easier on both condoms and sex toys, so when in doubt, grab some water-based lubricants or purchase condoms that are pre-lubricated with water-based lubes. If you’re after an effective water-based lube, try Lucy Lube (Australian-made, pH friendly, vegan, petrochemical/glycerine/paraben-free and punny af) or Bonk Lube (certified organic, chemical-free, pure and pH-balanced, aka the perfect lube).

Reasons why you should use Jonny’s condoms with your sex toys.

We’ve taken extreme care to provide you with natural vegan latex condoms that not only comply with all Australian and international standards but have also been rigorously tested to ensure their safety and efficiency. Jonny condoms are also pre-lubricated with a water-based lubricant and as such, are safe to use with your sex toys. 

The wrap-up.

Sex toys are fun. But despite appearances, they’re not perfect. Regardless of your relationship status or your sexual orientation, you should be using condoms whenever you engage in sex toy play. 

Also, consider the material your toy of choice is made from. Most condoms already come pre-lubricated, so make sure your condoms are compatible with your sex toys before playing. Oh, and speaking of lubes, keep your eyes peeled for our next article: your super handy (hehe) lube guide. 

Using condoms during sex toy play will further help to prevent you from catching or transmitting any kind of STDs, and is a great way to practice some good old fashioned safe sex. Happy playing!