Stories about your first time

Welcome to Jonny’s first (and unforgettable) J-Spot.
A space between the sheets where sweet nothings 
are whispered with the intention to change the world.

Bananas, grocery pairing, ultra-thins, silence, thievery and mystery. No, this isn't film noir; it's a collective first condom-buying experience. Because before Jonny (and the ensue of respect, choice and equality), safe sex was like navigating the Wild Wild West with only a banana flavoured sheath to protect you.

Enter Jonny. Not your average bonvivant but big on convenience and the idea that everyone should be free to practise uninhibited safe sex, unafraid. But Jonny isn’t only about the bells and whistles to get you into bed –  consenting to safe sex also includes the decisions you make before and after you rumble. 

If Jonny is the connection to breaking down doors in the heat of the moment, the J-Spot captures, chews and digresses over the sweaty, awkward moment it took to get there. Sex isn’t always convenient and Insta worthy. It’s messy, imperfect and in some ways still incredibly oppressive.



Let's get it on but let's talk about it.

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