Gimme some kind of sign girl

Gimme some kind of sign girl

Whether you're the star-gazer, moon-chaser or just love sparkly, shiny things, astrology has it's place amongst us. Jonny has teamed up with friends and super babe Brooke Macqueen from Various Friends to share some planetary wisdom for you and yours, because lets face it -  a little bit of planetary wisdom to get to know you and your fellow bedmate can be a lot of fun. Brooke creates insights for the mums and bubs on the regular, however has voyaged into this realm for all the bold, the beautiful, the lovers and the drifters out there, 'aka' Jonny's mates. Welcome to your regular starry-eyed astrology insights by Various Friends. 


 Blue Mooooooon, you saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own..

Full Moon, a Blue Moon in Libra. Friday 19th April 2019.

Not one but two Full Moons in Libra! A rare second Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Libra is our next Full Moon. Both Moons have asked you to Marie Kondo your relationships. Firstly with yourself and secondly with those closest to you. On Friday our April Full Moon will highlight any imbalance within our relationships with others. 

Relationship dynamics are brought to the forefront and you will be given an insight into what stays and what goes.
Love can be messy baby you know that. Within your partnerships is there a lesson in compromise or do you just need an upgrade? The Sun in Aries will help you make that decision.

Libra fights for what's fair and is always seeking balance.
Where have you been stuck in trying to people please and therefore neglected your own needs?  This is where you will find your silver lining. This is how you evolve. 

Tensions are high around this Full Moon. There can be an urge to break free from the status quo with an impulsive need for independence.
The inner rebel in you might want change and excitement, but at what cost? The key to surviving this full moon is to not let that inner rebel create more drama and chaos than there is already in your relationships.

If you are feeling these emotional pulls, try not to take solace in your sweet tooth or going "back there" with an ex. And if you do...choose Jonny.

Thank you Brooke. Jonny is going to go make a cup of natural lemonade and meditate on this one a while...
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Unbashedly yours,