Undressed series- In conversation with Persia Notarberardino

Undressed series- In conversation with Persia Notarberardino

In the throes of the dazzling and dizzying early 20’s experience, model-muse and creator Persia Notarberardino is learning to take her curiosities more seriously. The east-coast Australian follows a depth of artistry instilled by her creative parents, with innate beauty understood from her formative years set amongst the rich natural landscape of Northern New South Wales. Her ability to incorporate human shadow into her portrayals make her roles as muse deeply enrapturing. We sat down with the young creative to discuss her evolving connection with herself and her growth towards sensual embodiment. 


When do you feel the most alive in your body

I feel most alive in my body when I allow my senses to fully take over, they are my truest of compasses. When I honour what my body is tapping my shoulder for, whether it be a swim in the ocean, exercise or pleasure, I am most aligned and vibrant . 


How do you lure your sensuality to the surface? What makes you feel safe to explore your sensuality 

I lure my sensuality to the surface by conjuring my inner Siren. She can be seductive and powerful, other times, mysterious and alluring. I feel safe to explore my sensuality through my own granted permission, it’s something that can’t be discouraged or taken from me. 


Share with us one of your sensual pic tricks (angles, lighting, mood, scene setting etc.) 

Dark and moody lighting always! It can really elevate any picture. 


Where do you draw inspiration from in constructing your most embodied self

The intimacy of being human. Constructing my most embodied self is a continuous process of pulling pieces of imagery I find  tasteful, unveiling quirks, tending to wounds, navigating the different phases of my cycle. It’s these practices that help me unravel the safety net I’ve weaved. 


What's something you wish your younger self knew about your sensuality 

I think I’ve always been in touch with my sensuality even at a young age, I’m a Scorpio through and through (hehe). I would however encourage her to celebrate it and not let insecurities cast shadows. 


What feeling do you get when you recognise yourself in the mirror 

A sense of delight, the feeling of batting eyelashes at my softness, black curls and shapes I’ve sculpted. It’s a rarity that I hope to implement as a daily ritual.


What's on your bedside table 

My bedside table consists of a Trudon candle, the warm glow of my little lamp, MyLBDO vibe (of course), Aesop body lotion, Hand cream, my Gucci lipstick and my Jewellery dish.