Undressed series - In conversation with Sophie Marsh

Undressed series - In conversation with Sophie Marsh

Indulging in the intimacy of every-day life. In conversation with the many facets of Sophie Marsh (serpentofvenus), Writer/Editor and internet sweetheart turned provocateur.


+ Jonny wants to know when you feel most like yourself

I feel most like myself when I don’t have time to think myself out of the way of my bodily sensations. That might be when I’m reading a book, dancing, starting a new creative project or playing in the ocean. I feel like myself more often than not these days, especially when I make time to honour my emotions, regardless of whether that’s comfortable or not. 


+ Jonny wants to know what part of getting ready for the day brings you the most pleasure 

Usually, I have honed in on an energy I’d like to amplify when I start getting ready. Sometimes it’s bold and sexy, other times it’s laidback and approachable. Taking a really hot shower and doing my skincare routine is how I reset my body. What I lavish the most though, is choosing something from my scent wardrobe to keep me energetically tied together (at the moment it’s almost always Le Labo Thé Matcha). And, the best days start with a chai latte and a lengthy goodbye kiss.  


+ Jonny wants to know what's on your bedside table 

My bedside table is also my bookshelf. Aside from my current read, Cheri by Collette, you will usually find at least 3 empty water glasses, a flurry of books I’ve lost interest in, watercolours, condoms, body oil, charcoal tablets and one from my house’s comb distribution system. 


+ Jonny wants to know what your favourite (almost) free feeling is

Gulping down icy water when you’re thirsty. Or, clutching sun-warmed laundry to your skin. 


+ Jonny wants to know what being in love feels like for you

Being in love feels like levitation, and yet it also feels like a constant challenge to be more aware. Inside secure love, I feel myself expand in every direction. All of my insides come out of their hiding places and I feel my childlike silliness return. The vastness of it can be dizzying at times. 


+ Jonny wants to know one thing you can't live without 

A sense of humour and a scalding hot bath. 

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