Hello x Jonny - Top 5 Tips on Safe Sex

Hello x Jonny - Top 5 Tips on Safe Sex

1. Consent 

There is no safe sex without consent, and every sexual endeavour should begin with receiving it from all parties involved. Respect, clear boundaries and consent are not just encouraged but also the law. The general definition of consent is: “Consent occurs when one person voluntarily agrees to the proposal or desires of another.” If you’re unsure of all the ins and outs of consent, not to worry, we’ve given you the lowdown here. Safe sex is all about being good to yourself and being good to others. 


2. Be prepared (even on your period)

Like most things in life, preparation is key! We don’t always know when a moment of passionate lovemaking or an impromptu make-out session is going to happen. Either way, best to have some protection on hand, so we can let the good times roll. Whether you’ve got a bulk supply of Jonny’s Let’s Dance 30 pack next to your bedside table or an Overnighter Pack stashed in your handbag, stocking up is crucial. Nobody wants to have their sexual flames extinguished with the bad news of a no-go zone (because unprotected sex is never worth the risk). Instead, subscribe to regular condom deliveries and never go without. When you kick off those pants, and things are heading in an exciting, consensual direction, you’ll be prepared. 

Hot tip: Did you know that you can still get pregnant on your period? Our eco buddy’s at Hello Period have given us their inside knowledge on a guest blog post for no-mess, safe period sex. Be prepared for any time of your cycle. 


3. Do not use coconut oil or oil based lubes 

Yep, sorry, folks! We’ve been seeing a rise in coconut oil lube goers, but unfortunately, this natural slippery sauce isn’t a good combo when it comes to condoms. That goes for oil-based lubes, too, as they can deteriorate latex condoms, which can cause them to break and lead to an increased risk of STIs and unplanned pregnancies. If you want to go down the natural path, choose a water-based lubricant that’s vegan, like Hello Lube, or check out our handy lube guide here.

4. Don’t flush your condoms 

Just like Jonny, Hello Period is all about practising safe sex while protecting the environment. By providing reusable products, they are saving hundreds of single-use tampons and pads from ending up in landfill. Jonny’s mission is to also divert condoms and sanitary items from our waterways by providing individual eco bags for easy, discreet disposal. Safe sex doesn’t just stop with us, it also extends to our environment. We’ve got a whole world to run around and have sex in - let’s not trash it. 

5. Always have fun

Safe sex and fun go hand in hand. Clear communication, an open mind, and playfulness are a good start! Set the mood with your new Flame, put on some sexy tunes (we’re thinking Marvin Gaye), and gaze into each other's eyes (proven to increase intimacy). Safe times are fun times, and don’t let anyone ever tell you any different! Protect yourself, you’ve all you got, and make sure you have a good time doing it. 

Final Safe Sex Tips - Jonny has one life, and it's tied to an expiry date. Always make sure Jonny is not out of date before using.