The big O-NE

When you’re busy cultivating a sexual revolution and chasing dreams you can sometimes forget to stop and reflect on the little (big) things – like our first birthday in January that we missed.

*[Note: Jonny is still accepting bday love-notes, gifts and gifs].

So, what do you do when you celebrate turning one? The adults are sauced on wine, you eat a bunch of candy and maybe a cry a little in the arvo. While we can tick a couple off the list at Jonny HQ, we’ve also taken a meditative pause to thank all of you for a truly outstanding first year.  

We learnt you prefer to keep a swag of Jonny on hand with The Lover’s Dozen the most popular purchase. Almost half of you are you doing the right thing using the FabLittleBags for disposal (with another 20% of you in the 'nearly' pile). And a cool third of Jonny customers are influenced by Jonny’s sustainable ethics to, well, choose Jonny.

But the truly touching details are in the small increments of change and Jonny firsts:

    • Protect that peach: Finding Jonny products next to the jeans at Service Denim
    • Independent wholesale: Distribution support across Australia, NZ and Asia
    • In with the fast crowd: Interacting with thousands of enthusiastic Splendor in the Grass punters
    • Influencing: 6k+ strong so far 
    • Collab dream: Jonny’s ultimate girlboss crush Zoë Foster Blake reaches out for her Break-Up Boss book launch
    • #Safesex: Delivering 30,000 condoms for ‘The Line’ at Schoolies
    • Generation Z: Jonny being recognised at Schoolies by a schoolie
    • 1000+ unique online Jonny customers and growing

Jonny knew it was going to be good – but didn’t know it was going to be that good.

Photo credit: Courtney King

Photo credit - Courtney King

So, on the eve of International Women’s Day–a most appropriate coinkydink to celebrate turning one–the all-female team behind Jonny (yes, you read that correctly) want to say thanks. Thank you for the support from the small independants around Australia, across in NZ and Asia and to those who support us online.

Thank you for choosing safe sex, sustainable sex, putting yourself first and choosing Jonny. 

Unabashadley nude,
(from l-r, Bec Moss, Bec Park and Samantha Eades)

*Statics taken from FabLittleBag survey 2019.