Should hotels provide condoms?

Should hotels provide condoms?

Slide into some crisp hotel sheets, grab a Jonny from the mini bar or call the concierge to bring up a bundle. Hotel sex never looked so eco-friendly, now that these spots are stocked up on your go-to vegan condom. The Calile Hotel (Brisbane), Pier One (Sydney Harbour), and The Fleming (Hong Kong) are now serving up Jonny on their room service menu, and we can’t wait for you to experience some vegan sex next time you book a stay!


Pier One | Sydney Harbour

Nestled under Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge, Pier One is a repurposed heritage building that is one of Sydney’s most historic hotels. 5-star quality accomodation on the waterfront. Yes, please! This is the getaway we all deserve after years of being stuck at home (thanks a lot COVID). If you forgot to pack your Jonny Weekender for the occasion or run out of your suitcase stash (we know how it can get on vacation), then good news for you, Pier One has you covered. 

If you’re lucky to find a hotel that will sling you some dingers upon request, then we can guarantee they are not the natural vegan type (like Jonny). But at Pier One, they are all about top-notch quality and stop at nothing to give you the best experience you deserve. The Jonny experience, that is. 

No two rooms are the same, and no two experiences are alike! With rooms built on and over the waterfront, you’ll be swept away with views for days. Imagine Jack and Rose on the front of the titanic with the sea breeze hitting their faces, romantically embracing. Oh, and how cute is this, they even offer luxury puppy packages if you can’t go without your beloved pet for more than a night. 

Dining at Pier One also means eating with a view. Location is everything! Being on the doorstep of Sydney’s arts and theatre district leaves you with endless entertainment options (if you feel like leaving your hotel room, that is). No judgement if room service is your idea of a fun night in. It’s your vacation, you do you! Just don’t forget to have them send you over some Jonnys. 


The Calile Hotel | Brisbane 

Are you planning your next vacation to the Sunshine State? Check out The Calile Hotel, a five-star hotel located in the very hip area of Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. They promise more than just a place to stay, saying, “The Great hotels have stories that go beyond providing a bed for the night – they offer moments of discovery, unexpected adventures, encounters to be savoured.” At Jonny, we are all about discovery, encounters and adventures (in-between the sheets), which is why our vegan-friendly condoms are the perfect mini bar addition.

Imagine a balmy QLD breeze washing over you as you open the balcony doors, looking out over the pool that comes with a warning: “this pool will spoil you.” Platter of fruit ordered to your sun lounge? Yes please! Add in a couple of single serves of Jonny for later. The packaging is cute enough to want to show off anyway. If you haven't worked off enough calories from the night before (you know what I mean), pop on over to the gymnasium, followed by the day spa obviously. You’re on vacation, remember. On your way back, take a peak at the amphitheatre, grand room, the library and cosy rooms for private dining later on. Did we mention the cabanas? An outdoor area with daybeds just waiting for you to stretch out, catch up on some reading and sip on something cold and preferably bubbly. 

As the evening sets in, head on over to the Lobby Bar for a nightcap before floating back up to your suite! For special occasions, we can not resist the allure of the Deluxe Suite. Think oversized bubble baths and kingsize bed comfort. Now, before checking out, don’t forget to stop into The host with the (M.O.S.T) - A gift store with an intelligent selection of all things sleep, treat, resort and relaxation, to stock up on a few boxes of your vegan, hotel companion Jonny! 

The Fleming | Hong Kong 

The Fleming, Hong Kong's urban boutique hotel in the stylish neighbourhood of Wanchai, is one not to miss. Classically styled decor inspired by Hong Kong’s iconic cross-harbour ferries, the rooms are comfy, trendy and elegant. With bottle green details (so on brand for Jonny) and brass finishes that replicate the ferries, the little details are what sets it apart. 

Wanchai is said to be one of Hong Kong’s coolest neighbourhoods, which explains why Jonny (the coolest of cool vegan condoms) has arrived in town. Just a short walk to renowned restaurants, Hong Kong’s Convention & Exhibition Centre and lively neighbourhood hangouts, The Fleming offers endless options to explore the city right at their doorstep. 

You’ll have everything you need for a comfortable stay here, with the option to upgrade to an extra large room, if you are one of those people who likes a little more space. We also couldn’t help but notice the mention of high-quality mattresses and luxury bed linens. That’s a big tick from us, and with Jonny there as the perfect third-wheel, a good time in-between the sheets is guaranteed. 

**Make sure to check travel advisories and restrictions before booking any international travel plans.



The wrap-up 

Jonny is all about feeling like a boss no matter where you are or what you’re doing! If luxurious vegan sex sounds like your kinda getaway, then we have no doubt you’ll enjoy your stay at these hotels that are all about encouraging safe, eco-friendly, good times. Now go and stuff your robe pockets with handfuls of Jonnys and remember to dispose of them the right way.

For those on a budget but looking for an escape, try having a night in and creating your own hotel experience. Order some takeout (room service), run a bubble bath, light a candle (check out these eco options) and give each other back rubs. Pop on the film The Grand Budapest Hotel, eat some chocolate and sip on some champagne while wearing only bathrobes. Stock up on Jonny beforehand so you don’t have to leave the bed.