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Lovers Outing: Things Are Getting Steamy in Here


Monthly Date Inspiration: The Bathhouse

Bathhouses are known as a place to bathe, soak, wash, and sweat but can these settings offer more?
The act of bathing has been around since Greek and Roman times where the bathhouse was the epicentre for socialisation. In Japan, the bathhouse, while originating as a Buddhist practice, was a source of ritual for connection to oneself and those around them.
The link between these cultures and the way that they have utilised the act of bathing is to espouse a sense of community between bathers. The bathhouse was an institution for both health and pleasure. Nowadays, the privatisation of bathing has transformed the bathroom into a clinical space with the sole aim of sanitisation.
Further, the contemporary idea of ‘wellness’ boasts an individualised perspective of self-improvement. This idea can consequently lead to an egocentric standpoint, which can hinder intimacy within relationships. Alternatively, bathing with one’s significant other provides the opportunity to change the objective of wellness into one that values mutual growth and development. By washing each other you are not only washing away the physical dirt and grime of the day but also the emotional worries and stresses.
This can have multiple benefits for your sexual health, however, one of the biggest benefits is the link between stress and libido. Stress can have many various effects on your sex drive as it puts your body in a state of flight or fight resulting in the reduction of non-essential bodily functions. Erghm sex drive we’re looking at you. So, if things aren’t as steamy as you’d like them to be in the bedroom, why not move things to the bathroom?
Some of Jonny’s favourite local bathhouses include:
Comma, located in Melbourne and Byron Bay
Sense of Self, located in Melbourne
Nimbus & Co, located in Melbourne, Byron Bay and Bondi
However, simply taking a bubble bath and turning your bathroom into your own bathhouse using candles, making a pot of tea, and wearing a fluffy robe can also be a great alternative.



Written By:  Carrie Vanrensburg

Photography by Sense of Self