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The path to stellar sex is paved with lube. Jonny + Bonk Lube Duos ensure you’ll always have a healthy stash of vegan condoms and organic, water-based lube on hand and ready to rock.


  • Each Jonny comes with an individual eco-friendly bag for discreet and easy disposal
  • Natural colour rubber latex condoms
  • Vegan friendly
  • 53mm straight form with reservoir end
  • Lubricated (no nasty toxins)
  • Smooth, thin (but strong) texture
  • Double washed & smells clean

Bonk Lube 75ml, Water-based Organic Personal Lubricant 75ml

Based on a lightweight blend of hydrating Aloe Vera & New Zealand’s native Harakeke Extract, water-based bonk lube delivers a unique Organically Certified pure & luxurious natural personal lubricant, great for sex and sensitive skin, chemical-free pleasure for women and men.

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