Undressed- In conversation with Selina Nguyen

Undressed- In conversation with Selina Nguyen

Selina Nguyen (sexwith_sel) is one of Gadigal’s most renowned sexologists as recently named by Fashion Journal Magazine. Outside of their clinical practice, Selina authors sex blog Come Back to Bed and is deeply entangled in unravelling what makes our sexual realities better ones. Selina works through an intersectional lens to restore freedom to those who fall outside the hegemonic norm of what sex is, exploring queerness and non-monogamy as transformative and valid sexual realities. You may be wondering: is a sex therapist’s bedside table any different from the average civilian? We find out.


What part of yourself do you enjoy meeting the most in your alone time

It will always be the playful parts of me. I'm a Capricorn moon and rising, so I'm often deep in logic and structure. I'm constantly having to bring myself back to play and fun, and forever learning how to strike that balance.


How do you lure pleasure to the surface in everyday life

Music is easily the important doorway to pleasure for me in the day-to-day. A good song makes me feel like anything is possible. It reminds me that I'm always three minutes away from a better mood and that there's always one small shift that I can make to have a more pleasurable experience whether I'm doing the dishes or doing life admin, I can put on a good song and create a totally different experience. 


What's on your bedside table 

A continual rotation of the five+ books I'm currently reading, body oil, Tussle lube, my favourite vibrator of the month, candle and an eye mask. My journal is around somewhere. It's a peak self-care cliche.


What's one of your favourite tools for enhancing pleasure 

Right now it's movement and moving my body with intention. Even just a quick stretch between sessions or a little boogie in the morning while I’m getting ready, it instantly reconnects me to the present moment, it's incredible grounding and can also be so damn erotic. 


What type of love is dominating your life at the moment 

Self-love for sure. I'm currently doing way too much work right now, so self-love is the priority. That can look like anything from having a night-in, re-evaluating my commitments, dressing up in clothes that feel nice on my skin or eating my favourite foods.


What's one thing you wish people knew about pleasure

That pleasure is almost always available to us. There is so much in this world for us to love and savour and share, but we have to keep opting into it. It’s a practice and an art.