Undressed- In conversation with Gabrielle Gecso

Undressed- In conversation with Gabrielle Gecso

Barcelona-based model Gabrielle Gecso is on her way to Spanish fluency. Embodying an inner playfulness the creative Aussie finds herself shapeshifting as part of her work, curious about different artistic forms and the echoes of nature's beauty everywhere she goes. For the Undressed series, we spoke to Gab about her dream boudoir and where she draws her sense of beauty from. 

Which item of non-sentience awakens your sensuality the most

I'm not sure if they are classified as entirely non-sentient but I find the shapes and textures of many flowers and plants to be quite sensual and erotic.

Is there a difference between the things that you find sexy in others and the type of sexiness you embody

I guess the things that I find truly sexy are things that I believe myself to embody as well. Energy is my number one thing, this is what truly attracts me to someone and generally this energy is calm. I don't tend to go after the loudest in the room but the one who is secure enough to be quietly confident. In this way too I find an element of mystery very alluring. 

Where do you draw inspiration for movement and feeling in your work 

I model as a job so my inspiration for movement comes from just wanting to feel good in my body, to feel healthy and confident when I'm on and off set. I have been an active person all my life though and have always wanted to move my body and like the feeling during/after movement. In terms of ‘feeling’ in my work I'm fortunate enough to work in a creative industry so usually I get a brief of the vibe the client wants to create for that day and then I can essentially play, feel and morph into a character that I think will match with the creative direction. Sometimes it can be very fun and can feel very much like acting.

How can somebody capture your attention wholly

In a world that is so busy I honestly find someone super calm to be very captivating, someone that has a sense of peace and stillness is so rare to find, so I love this.

What form of movement do you crave the most 

Dancing and stretching.

What is currently on your bed-side table 

A multitude of books, a pen, a candle, a condom, a lighter and a camomile tea.

Where are you and what are you doing when you feel most at home

I’m by the sea, rolling around in the sand and swimming beneath the waves, or I'm outside in a field or a forest, lying on the grass in the sun.

If there were no limitations, what does your dream bedroom look like

A double bed haha, with beautiful soft pillows and sheets, a few beautiful plants and big beautiful windows for natural light, birds and trees and beautiful views outside. A proper little old fashioned vanity, an ensuite, a cat, lots of books, a wooden desk, a lava lamp, a walk-in wardrobe, a luxurious Moroccan rug with a little low table on top with cushioned seating for my friends, exposed wooden beams on the ceiling and warm cosy lighting, lamps and candles for the evenings.