Earth To Lovers


On this Earth Day – Jonny’s favourite day of the year outside World Condom Day and World Naked Gardening Day (which is actually a thing) – we invite you to hug, high five and pay a well-deserved compliment to a neighbourhood tree.To celebrate our beautiful planet on this sacred day, we’re bingeing planet-themed good news and good vibes.

Did you know…
On the coasts of Mexico, India and South America, deserted beaches have seen turtles freely laying and hatching their eggs. On the coast of Orissa, India’s eastern state, turtles laid 407,194 eggs, which hasn’t happened since 2013. Go team turtles!

Have you seen…
A planet-loving Melbourne-based business peddling eco-conscious basics for low-impact living: Toko. We’ll be hearing more from its eco queen superstar founder, Susan Hardjono, later in the week.

Will you join…
Jonny in our mission to be good to Mama Nature every day and in every way? Jonny was founded with three steadfast principles at its core: be good to yourself, be good to each other, be good to Mother Nature. In everything we do as a business, we strive to tread as lightly on the earth as possible. Diverting condoms from waterways has been a focus from day one, which is why every Jonny comes with a biodegradable Fab Little Bag to allow for mess-free, eco-conscious disposal.  You can learn more about Jonny’s environmental mission on our website.

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